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5 Years of Hollowed Out

(Ripped from my Facebook post)

So... yeah... I've deemed Hollowed Out to be a sort of a flop.

The biggest reason I think it was a flop was because it wasn't really the music I had wanted to put out into the world. The music I'm making now is the stuff I wanted to make 5 years ago.

Y'know, the music with the comics, like Runid in the Woods. I have more confidence in my drawing skills now, and I've also found at least one artist to help ease the load of drawing a 12+ page comic per song for 8-9 songs.

5 years ago, I didn't have that. So I rushed to record Hollowed Out, rushed to learn mixing, didn't learn proper promotion. I rushed the hell out of completing that album hoping that it would pick me up off the ground, and it didn't.

The fact that it didn't was probably my biggest blessing. I wouldn't have doubled down on learning to write better music, mixing and mastering, and promotion (nevermind the existential journey I went on), if Hollowed Out had gotten any traction. I think I'm able to make, and genuinely enjoy the music that I create now because of that failure.

So yeah, releasing Hollowed Out was cool, and some people (including me still) might enjoy the music I made, but it failed. That failure turned into a stepping stone of something MUCH better that I can truly be happy with.

So I've been back on the grind of making my Chaotic Chronicles a reality these past few months. It's becoming something to truly behold. No more detours of making half-assed albums or EPs for sake of traction. It's been a solid combination of writing, recording, mixing and mastering, drawing, coloring, photo/video editing, and online networking. The work I've done recently has provided more traction than in the last 5 years!

Failure is but a stepping stone on the path to success, I guess.

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