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CC Bio - King Galvian Barkbreach II of Galvanica

Born under King Galvian I and Queen Marian, Galvian II's father ruled Forrest with an iron fist and terrible disregard to the people and his family. This behaviour had been passed down for a few generations.

Galvian II wasn't allowed much time for self discovery. He was being groomed to be the next King. Still, the rebellious nature in him allowed for him to sneak away and mingle with the townsfolk without getting caught... Except for once, as a teenager.

He was pretty much on lockdown after that. Wasn't allowed beyond the castle walls except for heavily supervised combat training, during this time, he developed a close friendship with Kahngor.

When the black plague struck, Galvian fell ill with it. By what looked like a miracle, Kahngor was able to make a medicine that cured him. Galvian suggested to his father that Kahngor create more remedy for the plague, which was almost denied. He had to argue with his father to let Kahngor cure those afflicted within the castle walls.

After word spread about the cure, a mutiny was attempted. Galvian was sent by his father to kill people he had developed bonds with as a child.

Then the first war with Boder happened. In the final battle, Galvian's father was killed, and he was ushered to the throne. Galvian swore to change the way the kingdom was ruled, and started by negotiating with King Torren for the first time. He sacrificed the Joviard orchards to get them to retreat and built a wall to keep them away, much to the people's dismay.

He struggled for years to get the kingdom in better condition, when the miracle of The Monument happened. Having forgotten Kahngor's cure, he immediately sent all stricken with the plague to get the miracle cure. He then told everyone to make sure Boder doesn't catch word of this.

His story is not yet finished.

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