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CC Bio - The Flagellant

The Flagellant had a pretty rough childhood. Born to Farm Peasants in the outskirts of Swanmay. The Flagellant wasn't allowed a name by his abusive, alcoholic father. At a young age, he watched his father cut out his mother's tongue when she finally had enough and tried naming him.

"Eh" was all she could get out before it got severed.

"Nothing" is what his father called him. He made damn sure to keep it that way.

The Flagellant got his out as a teenager, when he and his mother snuck out in the night while his father was passed out. They had a tough time restarting their lives, as what little they had before was nothing.

They barely scraped by for years, having accepted their fate. In his 20's, The Flagellant's mother was stricken with the black plague, and died very quickly and painfully. That's when he met a mass of Flagellants and succumbed to the full suffering of his life.

He lost track of how many services he had, but on his last flagellation service, at the final stroke of noon, he was in the Forrest town square when he witnessed a lone minstrel walk out of the cathedral. This one was unlike the others, aside from being alone, he dawned many colours not possible for the time, and a set of bagpipes with three drones.

The minstrel's playing caused only him to weep, and thusly, this minstrel approached him. He explained to The Flagellant that he was destined to become a God, and that he will witness a miracle, followed by a very long string of chaotic events.

This distresses The Flagellant after the minstrel walks out of the town, but soon he witnesses a Red Dragon in the sky flying overhead, which adds reassurance to The Minstrel's words. He changes his cause to learn the meaning of this event.

Years later, as a frail old man in the woods, he witnesses a blinding light and a thunderous quake in his hut. He leaves to search for the source and finds "The Monument." Upon touching the object, the frailties that come with age vanished. Most notably, his eyesight was returned to him. In pure excitement, he hurries towards Swanmay to relay the news of the miraculous event, and convinces most of the villagers to embark on a pilgrimage to The Monument.

His story is not yet finished.

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